Class Careers aims to end inequality in careers education.

In an increasingly fast-paced world, schools must provide their students with up-to-date information on the labour market, as well as alternatives to university, and do so through ‘meaningful’ engagements with employers. Employers simply do not have the time or resource to visit schools on a national basis, meaning that only students in their local area benefit, and other students, quite simply, miss out.  

Class Careers aims to change that. Through our innovative and technology based approach, we serve to bridge the disconnect between young people in schools and employers looking to fulfil their future workforce.

Our service is a simple and effective alternative to school visits for both schools and employers. 


For schools and colleges

Class Careers gives your students direct access to employers from the comfort of your own classroom. Our workshops fit effortlessly into the curriculum and are complete with a comprehensive lesson plan and guide, allowing you to provide your students with quality information and direct engagement with employers.

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For EMployers

We know that it's difficult to attract a diverse and varied talent pool, and even harder when you're only based in one location. Our online workshops remove the hassle and expense of school visits, placing you in front of students in multiple classrooms throughout the UK. 

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