Client testimonials

"The Class Careers team presented themselves well; spent time and effort to ensure the online workshop ran smoothly and had all the correct procedures in place, should something go wrong. Overall, we were pleased with the positive feedback received from the students who took part in the workshop." 

Ed Walker - Graduate Recruitment Manager, Pinsent Masons


"Class Careers has filmed our events, produced an animated video to highlight the Top 30 Employers table and filmed a video on campus on behalf of our client. They have been meticulous in their approach, delivered on time and gone the extra mile to produce high quality videos. We look forward to working with them again in the future."

Lizzie Brock - Head of Marketing, RMP Enterprise


"We have worked with Class Careers to film three of our largest events and have always enjoyed the experience. At each event, they have taken an organised and creative approach to best film and utilise the content. For example, at our latest event, they brought a crew of three, including a professional presenter to create a lighthearted and more entertaining way for attendants to participate in the video. 

Stephen Isherwood - Chief Executive, Association of Graduate Recruiters

School Testimonials

"Thank you so much, once again. Students nowadays are under so much pressure to decide early what they want to do, so any exposure of possible careers that could be of interest to them is extremely useful."

- Head of Careers


"I have spoken with our students who said they found it very useful an informative and they really enjoyed it. Thank you so much for inviting us to take part. Please keep us informed of future events!"

- Business Studies Teacher


"The workshop was a really enjoyable experience for the students that participated - one thing that was particularly useful was the openness of the graduates and apprentices in talking about their degrees and their grades at A-Level. It was useful for my students to realise the huge variety of degrees (including Art History and Classics!) that participants have who now work for Lloyds Banking Group!" 

- Future Pathways Manager


"The students found the workshop with Schroders inspirational and one or two may actually apply - they are considering deferring university for this opportunity! 

- Careers Tutor

Student Testimonials 

"Wow, I really need to think about this and make a decision about my future because this sounds really interesting!"

- Year 12 Student, Accenture online workshop


"I have gained a lot of knowledge about the routes into accountancy and have acknowledged that it is a very competitive sector. This [workshop] has prepared me for the future that I am going to take on."

- Year 13 Student, ICAEW online workshop


"At first, I thought it was going to be very awkward and I was quite nervous but after I started talking, I got more comfortable and I got a lot of information about things which I was curious about. It has helped me a lot."

- Year 9 Student, Lloyds Banking Group online workshop


"The workshop enabled me to get a lot of information about and links on how to get involved, find out what is available and how [a current school leaver] is finding the position."

- Year 12 student, PwC online workshop


"This workshop was very informative. I have learned a lot!"

- Year 13 Student, Schroders online workshop