We know that reaching the 6000+ schools and colleges in the UK is a huge challenge for employers and we're here to help you do that. 

Class Careers connects your business with school classrooms all across the country. Through live online one-to-one workshops, Class Careers allows you get in front of those who will form your future workforce.

With an extended network of over 2000 schools and colleges, all of our campaigns are delivered to targeted demographics on a national scale and designed to suit your business needs. Workshops are open to all year groups from year nine upwards, allowing you to reach students earlier and provide that all important wider careers education and advice and simultaneously engage with latter school years who will inevitably be looking for opportunities post-compulsory education. We will work with you to develop a tailor-made lesson plan, video and ensure that all participating students are engaging with you and excited by your company! 

Multi-employer and sector-wide workshops

Our multi-employer workshops aim to provide impartial information for students which an entire subject or year group can benefit from and provide coordination in a careers market with an overwhelming level of promotion to schools.

Each online workshop features a maximum of six employers which students in schools will have the opportunity to speak to online, following a brief introduction and video from their teachers.



In 2017 alone, we have delivered full day workshops in schools across the country in partnership with QA Apprenticeships, PwC, Lloyds Banking Group and Royal Mail. We've also delivered smaller workshops with Virgin Media, GSK, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, AXA, Harrods and EY. In just once short academic year, we have:

  • Delivered into 174 schools and colleges across the country (and beyond!) - from Plymouth to Dunfermline... and even a couple in Italy and Cyprus too!

  • Seen 5500 students speak to some of the top school leaver, apprentice and graduate recruiters in the UK

  • Delivered over 100,000 minutes of one-to-one employer support to students... That's a massive 1667 hours!

  • Watched and learned from your students, who have asked over 52,000 questions to our employers!

  • 80% of students reported feeling more confident in their future career after completing a Class Careers online workshop...

  • 88% of students would recommend Class Careers to a friend...

  • 90% of school staff said they would recommend this service to another school...

  • 100% of school staff felt the online workshops helped in the delivery of their statutory careers requirements.