Reaching Key influencers

Careers Advisors and Teachers are a major influencer when it comes to students - and, as we know, there are thousands of them across the country. Unfortunately for employers, just like schools and students, it's just too expensive and time-consuming to reach them all. Class Careers has direct access to this group of individuals across the UK, so get in touch to learn more about our simple and effective way of reaching this key influencer. 


Want to know how your company or industry is perceived by a certain demographic? We can help! Through our online workshops, we encounter hundreds of young people all across the UK. We collect data from a number of different sources, so if you're interested in getting into the minds of young people, learning more about what makes them tick, or create a research or focus group - we can help you do that. 


Employer Videos: Both student and teacher feedback shows that the Class Careers video production service is significantly more effective than standard client videos. Our fit-for-purpose videos aim to showcase your company in a relatable and approachable manner in order to appeal to a younger audience and potential applicants. 

Event Videos: Hosting an event? Whether it's a conference, information or insight day or just a company event, the benefits of having video are in abundance. Our experienced video production team will be on hand to create effective promotional video or film your entire event - whatever you need, just let us know! 

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