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inspiration week live - workshop report

Your Life is a three-year campaign to ensure that the UK has the Maths & Physics skills it needs to succeed in today’s competitive global economy. Your Life’s main priority is to provide young people with experiences and information to make informed post-16 choices, but also with experiences to inspire them to study Maths & Physics at A-Level. During Inspiration Week Live the team delivered over 238 hours of one-to-one support to young people all across the UK. Find the full report below.

How does your attraction campaign faRE?

We've spent years helping schools and students connect with employers and have found out a thing or two about what they want to know. We've analysed the 4500+ questions asked by students in our 2015-16 workshops and found some key trends amongst them. So, thinking about your own recruitment campaign, does it answer these questions? 

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Class Careers regularly runs events to share insights in the apprenticeships industry and help employers maximise their apprenticeship strategy. Please see below for future events