Top 10 articles of 2016

Well, as 2016 draws to a close, as well as reviewing the year, we thought we’d take a recap on some of our most popular blog posts. We’ve seen many more followers this year and have received some great feedback from industry professionals, colleagues and school staff about these posts. We’ll be sure to keep it up in the New Year, but for now, if you missed any of them, here’s your chance to catch up…

30 People to know in Apprentice and Graduate Recruitment, 2016

We ran a similar post to this on in previous years and it has always proven very popular. It has been shared beyond my immediate network and people are very pleased to be on the ‘list’, though, may I say again, that it was done in no particular order and with no real method to the madness. We’ll be compiling another in 2017, will you make the list?

The Secondary Education reforms you should know about

This article was only just in second place and I think proved popular just because of the sheer amount of education reforms coming in to play this year, and not really a central summary of them all! We scoured google, news sources and policy to bring you this (I hope) extensive list of all the reforms that you should know about. Originally published in May though, there are probably a few more we haven’t mentioned. If we’ve missed anything – let us know!

Plotr’s Liquidation: what can we learn?

This is one of our most recent posts and we were certainly very surprised by the traction that it gained in the industry. I was very keen to learn more about this when another news outlet posted the information but what was really key for me, is not revelling in the failure of a business, but rather to learn from it – to see where they fell down and how not to make the same mistakes myself!

Job boards for young people: what’s out there?

Now, we all know this market is the big thing right now, and since the introduction of the Apprenticeshipy Levy, it’s only becoming more popular - with new companies cropping up all the time and graduate recruiters getting involved. It’s a minefield to navigate for young people, so we’ve picked out some of our favourites.

The latest trends in graduate and apprentice recruitment

It’s only been five months since we wrote this article, around the same time we were blessed with Pokemon Go (hence the image choice for this one!)... But that fad has since faded, what’s still around when it comes to grad and apprentice recruitment?


The new law: Schools must equally promote apprenticeships


Rather self-explanatory really, schools must now promote apprenticeships as much as they promote higher education. It’s been almost a year since this was announced, but have we seen the change in an education setting?


Apprenticeship Levy: The August Update

After much anticipation, the delayed ‘August Update’ provided much clarification on the levy, answering many of our questions. Our posts have provided many with clarity on a pretty hefty official document … and we know, we’re delayed on summarising the October update - we’ll get round to it, we promise!


The youth of today: do we expect too much?

Career choices as early as Year 8, British values, parental pressures, exams, living and learning through social media mistakes… Do we place too much pressure on our young people? Or are we just preparing them for the future?


The Careers and Enterprise Company: what’s new?


After a small period of radio silence - obviously working hard on some important news - the Careers and Enterprise Company announced their Moments of Choice Report and new funding round in October. Since then, we’ve seen the funding round open.


Overcoming apprenticeship application challenges

I think this article is still, if not more, relevant today than it was at the time of writing. I am still seeing a number of employers expressing the same challenges and frustrations with apprentice and school leaver recruitment, and yet, utilising the same recruitment approaches as they’ve always done!


Haven’t read our most recent article?


Oh! Well you must. Back in November, we teamed up with Your Life - a three-year campaign to inspire more students to take Maths & Physics at A-Level - in order to ensure that our future workforce are equipped with the right skills for the jobs available. It was one of our most successful campaigns to date - over 60 volunteers chatted to 849 students, providing 238 hours of one-to-one support in just two days!



A note from us

From all of us here at Class Careers, we'd like to take the time to say thank you for supporting us this year. We wish you all happy holidays, a very happy new year and look forward to working with you in 2017!