July 2016: The latest trends in graduate and apprentice recruitment

Trends - in all industries, sectors and parts of life - often come in and out and many become fads. Outside the world of apprentices, school leavers and recruitment, the world is going crazy for Pokemon Go: will it last, or will it just fade out as it did before?

Back in the real world, there are a few recent trends in the industry that we don’t think are fads - that are here to stay and that will continue to grow:

  • Video interviewing: I’m hearing more and more employers talking about video interviewing and implementing it into their processes. In a recent study by AGR, they have recorded a massive increase in video interviewing, as detailed below:

  • Apprentice and school leaver recruitment: Not long ago, I was chatting to someone (I won’t name names) who told me that they thought school leaver recruitment was a fad. Pah! Weren’t they wrong! The introduction of the apprenticeship levy has seen a massive increase in the number of apprenticeship and school leaver vacancies in the UK. And even in light of recent events, the apprenticeship levy - albeit slightly delayed - is going full steam’ ahead.

  • Education:employer collaboration: Traditionally, it’s been universities and graduate recruiters that have collaborated but I’m slowly starting to see this relationship develop between employers and schools. Apprenticeships are coming into play thick and fast - and both schools and employers are working tirelessly to build new programmes, courses and get on top of their workload.

  • HR and CSR: As more employers look to engage closely with schools, we are now seeing HR and recruitment teams working closely with CSR teams - who, in many cases, have been engaging with school aged young people for years. I think this is a really exciting trend to watch. Despite being published in 2014, this article from Personnel Today still stands and is a really interesting read.

  • Blind Interviewing: In a bout to ensure diverse workforces employers are starting to utilise blind interviewing techniques when it comes to hiring candidates. This includes the removal of names in order to reduce bias - and with an endorsement from the government, I think it’s one that will be soon to take hold.

  • Graduate salaries on the rise: with a war for talent underway and an increasing array of opportunities for young people - from apprenticeships to sponsored degrees programmes and the traditional grad programmes, I think that salaries will continue to be a driving force and a tool for attracting talent. As you’ve heard previously, salary questions are one of the most frequently asked during our workshops.

Bringing it all together

Looking at many of these trends, it’s clear to see that the importance of the early careers teams will grow, especially as the apprenticeships levy has placed many student recruitment teams in the boardroom. Job titles will inevitably change - I think we’ll see a movement from student recruitment managers to early careers managers - and of course, the remits will prove to be a lot wider. It’s both scary and exciting for many!

These are just a few of the trends that I’ve seen over the past few months. What other trends are you seeing that you think will continue to grow?