Job boards for school leavers: what's out there?

Well, it's been a crazy few weeks since our last article. The Class Careers team were furiously busy last week - hence the reason we're publishing this article almost one whole week later - and in case you didn't notice, Brexit has just happened. There are opinions and feelings flying all over the place in this referendum aftermath we find ourselves in - and for that reason, I have resisted the urge to write about it. We are all in a state of uncertainty, nobody know what the future holds and I wanted to let the dust settle before I voiced my own opinion or emulated that of others. As with the rest of the world, I await my fate. 

Moving swiftly on, and it is business as usual here at Class Careers. This week, as employers start to plan their recruitment campaigns, I wanted to explore the plethora of job boards out their for school leavers. Of course, they are not the only approach to take - and for me, the reason I set up Class Careers in the first place - I believe that engagement is key. 

I have incorporated my own personal knowledge into this article, supported by what employers, clients and our network of schools have told us. All About School Leavers have also compiled some great research using research from students and schools. 


UCAS is of course, one of the leaders in this space. Offering all things university, and increasingly now, apprenticeships, UCAS have a whole host of options and information available to young people.  


ULAS are one of the smaller organisations on this list but I really like what they are doing, and having got their portal firmly established into the curriculum of many schools, it’s certainly one to watch. 

All About School Leavers

All About School Leavers provide an easy to use site with all the key employers on there. They also provide some great content and research to support their to site for both employers and schools, so it’s a good one to be aware of. 


Quite easily one of the biggest job boards in the space, this is one a must look for school leavers and careers advisers delivering lessons. Over 150,000 people visit the site each month and it features over 12,000 jobs – it’s simply huge. NotGoingToUni is ran by one of our Top 30 People to Know in Apprentice Recruitment.


I really like RateMyApprenticeship. It it provides something a little different – in the form of a portal where young people can see TripAdvisor style reviews. We know school leavers want to hear from other school leaver and this provides exactly that. Another from our top 30 list is heavily involved with this one.


Plotr offers something entirely unique and different with it's online virtual world and games for young people to experience different industries.

Barclays Life Skills

There is just so much information on this website. Whether you're a young person, teacher, parent or a business - take a look at their website for information on, well, anything career related really! 

A traditional job board, definitely useful for young people wanting to go straight into work. 

Get My First Job

Having just received huge backing from City & Guilds, these guys are definitely one to watch. They connect young people to employers and training providers and currently have around 8000 vacancies on their site. 

Of course, it goes without saying that job boards are not the only solution – sometimes, dare I say it, I think we can rely on them a little too much. In the graduate space, it's a definite go-to solution, but for me, in the school leaver space, I really think that candidate engagement is just as critical, if not more.