Apprenticeship Training Providers: who to choose and what to look for [Part 2]

Following the last article of the same title ‘Apprenticeship training providers: who to choose and what to look for [Part 1]’, we offered some step-by-step information on navigating the government’s new register of apprenticeship training providers (RoATP) and key advice on what to look for in an apprentice training provider. The article has garnered much interest across our network and many readers aptly pointed out a few additional tips that we had missed:

  • Lisa Taylor, National Apprenticeship Coordinator at Superdrug: “Definitely ask about achiever numbers, particularly timely achievers that completed in the agreed time frame. Also I would suggest a question around what pastoral support a training provider offers, young people are complex and some need specific support emotionally rather than just academically. Your provider needs to work hand in hand with the employer to advise and provide that support.”
  • Paul Roberts, AXA UK: “I would add "How many apprentices have successfully qualified?", to the list of questions. Lots talk of the number of learners they have supported, but fewer mention the numbers they actually get over the finishing line. As 20% of all Levy funding is held back to the end, it is even more important that you have partners that can consistently deliver success.As with all partnerships, I would also expect the Training Provider to be asking more of the questions. If they don't get a great understanding of your business needs then they're less likely to be able to provide what you need.”

So, without further ado, we have picked three training providers that we think could be worth speaking to, if you are still looking for your apprentice training provider. This list is not extensive, and we’re not saying that they are the perfect provider for you - that is for you to decide. Remember the advice from our previous article - ASK QUESTIONS! And make sure they’re the right provider for you.

If you are interested in learning more about any of the providers listed below, do get in touch, as more often than not I can offer a personal introduction to a member of the team. So, here we go…


Just IT

Just IT have been a leader in IT training and recruitment since 2001. Using their experience in developing skills and qualifications for the digital technology sector, they created an IT and Digital Apprenticeship programme with standards to meet the needs of forward-thinking employers. The programme provides motivated young people with the qualifications, skill-development and support they need to thrive in IT and Digital related roles. Every year, Just IT place hundreds of young people into London companies for hands-on experience of the modern tech industry. Alongside paid employment, Apprentices work with training and career support teams to develop soft-skills and gain important IT and Digital certifications for their future careers. It is a testament to the quality and success of the programme that over 90% of our Apprentices move onto a full-time IT and Digital position.

Sectors: IT, Digital, Marketing

Clients: Just IT are working with tech-start ups to large IT organisations, such as Nomura and Wavex, and household brands like Sainsbury’s and Corel.

Useful resources:



Kaplan has been training the next generation of business and finance professionals for over 70 years, helping thousands of students achieve their education and career goals. Part of Kaplan Inc, they are the UK’s leading global provider of diverse education and training. Their programmes include professional accountancy and financial training, apprenticeship and vocational qualifications and leadership and behaviourial training.

Kaplan combine a history of educational and learning excellence with leading online learning technologies, award-winning study materials and support from the industry’s most experienced tutors and trainers. Courses are available in 21 central locations throughout the UK, meaning they have the largest geographical footprint of any private training provider. They also offer cutting-edge on demand and flexible learning options, enabling students to study anywhere at anytime.

Kaplan have been delivering apprenticeships since 2001 and seen year on year growth. In 2015, nearly 25% of all new Accountancy apprentices started their journey with Kaplan.

Sectors: Accountancy, Financial Services, Leadership and Management, Project Management, Business Administration, Customer Services

Clients: Deloitte, Grant Thornton, RSA, Nestlé and The Civil Service.

Useful resources:

Kaplan regularly hosts events and web-exes to keep clients and interested parties up to date with the latest news and hot topics in the Apprenticeship and Vocational space. We also write articles and research pieces on areas of interest such as:

“Don’t Tell Anybody but…I’m A Graduate on an Apprenticeship Scheme” and their award-winning piece of research on the challenges of School Leaver Recruitment can be found here:



BPP is one of the largest providers of professional apprenticeship training in the UK with a wealth of experience in supporting organisations in key industry sectors (predominantly financial services, professional services including accountancy and tax, industry and commerce and law) to set up and establish successful apprenticeship programmes. With 2500+ learners currently on their programmes, they aim to embed professional qualifications and work collaboratively with clients to ensure that corporate objectives are met.

With over 40 years of delivering professional qualifications training, and being a university dedicated to delivering programmes for the professions, we bring a unique insight into the needs of employers, and the expertise to work in an agile manner to develop the right solutions.

BPP provide a breadth of apprenticeship programmes across multiple disciplines and levels for your existing staff or those new to your organisation – joining as work experience students, or as part of school-leaver, apprenticeship or graduate schemes. They are able to embed professional qualifications or degrees into our apprenticeships so you can offer your employees either technical or non-technical programmes ranging from Level 2 to 7 including: degree apprenticeships, graduate apprenticeship programmes and management development schemes, all with progression opportunities to support their future career path.

Sectors: Actuarial, accountancy and tax, business and management, digital, financial services (including insurance), healthcare, HR, and Legal. For more information on our apprenticeship programmes (Standards and Frameworks), visit their website.

Clients: Zurich, RBS, Santander, JP Morgan, Eversheds, Dentons, KPMG, BDO

Useful resources:

As part of NAW (6th - 10th March), BPP are running a series of apprenticeship roundtables from recruitment to programme management, to programme design and delivery. Check out the ‘Engage’ page here to register.

In partnership with Trendence UK and Group GTI, from December 2016 to January 2017, BPP surveys 100 of the Guardian UK 300 employers on their apprenticeship strategies. Their resulting report - the Apprenticeship Levy Study - provides market leading insight on how the some of the UK’s top employers are dealing with the many opportunities and challenges presented by the Levy.


A round up..

As I write this, some content popped up on my LinkedIn page from another apprenticeship provider and it only stood to emphasise my earlier point - that these three apprenticeship providers are not the only providers out there. I offer this information to allow you to do a proper search when it comes to finding your apprenticeship provider: speak to them, meet with them, ask questions! My original article implores you to ask questions and I can’t stress it enough here. It doesn’t matter how many or how stupid you feel they may be, ask them - because the answer might be the difference between choosing the wrong and right provider.