IBM are one of the leading companies offering opportunities for school and college leavers in Technology, Computer Science and Business. Visit their website ( to discover their opportunities and learn more.


EduKit are an online platform that connect schools to hundreds of impactful external organisations that offer programmes and opportunities to meet various pupil needs. EduKit is a service which saves you time by placing hundreds of great resources in one place, helping inform your planning and enabling you to bring cost-effective innovation into your classroom. Many of the programmes have been rated by teachers, helping you to understand which ones are going to be the most effective for your students.

NOTGOINGTOUNI.CO.UK is the UK's leading website dedicated to helping school and college leavers make informed decisions about their future. They showcase the opportunities that exist outside of university, such as apprenticeships, sponsored degrees, diplomas, gap years, distance learning and jobs. 



Prospects Education Resources offer a range of services to schools, colleges, further and higher education institutions, nextstep, employers and many more engaged in the delivery of learning services. Whatever your role in education, Prospects Education Resources can provide you with a wide range of materials and services to aid your work and enable you to make a greater impact on those you teach.