What will it cost us? - Nothing! All our workshops are free to schools and colleges. In return, we simply ask that you help us to keep improving what we offer you, by providing feedback. We send simple 2 minute surveys following our workshops to collect your thoughts.

How does it work? - The workshops can be conducted from your school’s computer room or IT suite. Each student must have access to a computer in order to make the most of the online chats. We prepare the resources for the workshop and send these to the school teacher who is delivering the session. Further guidance can be found here in "Setting up Class Careers workshops in your school - tips and guidelines".  

What does a workshop consist of? - Typically the workshops last a total of 50 minutes. We suggest the first 30minutes is spent working through some prepared resources with your students (prepared by us and sent to you). These resources include a slide presentation and a video which act as an introduction to the online chat. Following this your students will then log into an online chat where they have a type based conversation with someone working in the industry who can answer their questions. 

Will my students be talking to real employees? - Yes! All online chats are conducted with real employees who are currently on an apprenticeship or graduate programme with that company.

Do Class Careers come out to deliver the workshop? No. The workshops have been designed to be delivered by teachers or school/college staff within the school setting.

How many staff are required to run the session? - We'd suggest you have a ratio of 2 staff to a class of 30 students, to support your students. However we'll leave it to you to decide. 

How does I register? - Registration to all of our workshops is through Eventbrite. Simply, visit our upcoming workshops page to see what we have lined up. You then choose your event and click the Register Here link. You'll be taken through to a booking form for that particular event. 

How many tickets do I need? - Please purchase one ticket for each student participating in the workshop. 

Why do I have to sign up to a specific time slot? - In order to ensure we answer your students questions, it’s important we allocate time slots so where possible we can match the number of students with the number of apprentices/employees available to chat to them (in a nut shell - supply meets demand!).  Twenty minutes is the amount of time students will have to chat with a member of the relevant team during any of our workshops. You will need to set aside around 50 minutes of lesson time, ensuring that your students have seen the video before hand, and engaged in discussions about the workshop as per the lesson plan which we will send to you once you're registered. The time you register to take part in the workshop is the time your students will join the online chat. So you need approx 30minutes beforehand to go through the lesson slides which we prepare and send to you in advance.

Do you use Skype? - No, we do not use Skype. The chats will take place on the Class Careers website using a type based system. 

Is it a chat room? - No, your students will only be talking to one member of staff at a time. There is no social interaction between participants.

Will we need to install anything on our computers in order to take part? - No, the chats run through the Class Careers online platform and supporting online software. In advance of the workshop, we will contact your designated IT contact in school to ensure that firewalls are lifted and your students will have access to the chats.

Is it safe? - Yes. All of our members of staff are fully trained and security systems are put in place alongside your existing IT systems to ensure that all of your students are chatting to specific employers. 

What is the maximum number of students that can take part in a workshop? - The maximum number of students that can take part in each workshop varies. This will be stated at the point of booking.  

What age can take part? - The age group of each workshop varies upwards of Year 9+. Please check with the specific workshop for more details. 

Can you provide stats and feedback from the workshop? - Yes, we can provide an overview of some stats and feedback gathered from the day across all schools (unfortunately we cannot meet the demand for each school to have the stats and figures for their school only).

What if I am unable to attend? - Our workshops have a limited capacity, therefore if your plans change, please notify us ASAP so we can offer this to another school. 

Can you run a workshop for our school? - We have set dates for workshops which you can see in our Upcoming Workshops, however where possible we'd love to help so you can submit a request here and we'll look into it for you.   \

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