Mindsets and behaviours of an entrepreneur:
Do you have what it takes?

Tuesday 2nd - thursday 4th may (12:00 - 1:30pm daily)

We know that no career path is ever the same. We also know that not everyone wants the traditional nine to five; to work in an office; to go to university; to do an apprenticeship… And with more and more LEPs encouraging the development of entrepreneurial attitudes and behaviours, we decided to create a workshop that gives students the opportunity to learn what it’s really like to be an ‘entrepreneur’. For the first time ever, we are running our own exclusive workshops. Yep, in case you didn’t know, we’re a team of entrepreneurs. Our Founder – straight out of university – decided he wanted to revolutionise the careers market… and well, here we are! Our Head of Ops; a serial entrepreneur, with a publishing company and events company under her belt; plus a few more interesting entrepreneurs for your students to chat to.

Please note: this workshop is only open to students in Years 12 and 13. 

This is a free workshop to schools and colleges. 

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Information for lesson coordinators: 


Lesson resources: All lesson plans, slides and workshop information will be available on this page in advance of the workshop. We will notify you via email once the lesson resources become available. 

Eligible participants: Students in Year 12 and 13 are able to participate in this workshop. This workshop is designed to encourage students who are interested in running their own business the opportunity to talk to entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs about their experiences. 


Please note: As with all of our workshops, this workshop is designed for students to explore the different options available to them after completing compulsory education. If you have any questions, please email jasmine@classcareers.co.uk