Lloyds Banking Group: What's it like to work for us? 

As part of the School to Work Programme, Lloyds Banking Group have teamed up with Class Careers to give your students an exclusive insight into the world of banking, and what it's really like to work with us. Held in the comfort of your own classroom, your students will watch a short video about the Lloyds Banking Group apprenticeship scheme, before chatting directly with a member of our team at Lloyds Banking Group HQ - this will be either a current apprentice, someone who has recently completed the apprenticeship programme or a graduate. 

All the chats are held online, on a one-to-one basis, giving your students the opportunity to ask whatever they like and get real, honest responses from one of our team.

This event is fully funded by Lloyds Banking Group, so there is no cost to schools and colleges. 

If you are a single student wanting to take part in this workshop (ie. not as part of your school or college), you can register by filling in the fields that are relevant to you. Any questions, email: claire@classcareers.co.uk


workshop resources

Lloyds Banking group lesson plan (Word Doc)

Lloyds banking group LESSON PLAN (Slides)