online School Leaver workshops: a teacher's guide to what, how and why.  

This workshop is for school and college staff only. 

This online workshop, "A Teacher's guide to what, how and why" will give schools and teachers a better understanding of what we offer and how they can be of benefit. 

Through our online workshops, we give your students direct access to employers at no cost to your school. We recognised the challenges schools and colleges face when trying to highlight all the different opportunities available to their students. With so much choice now, the real challenge is finding out what's out there and how to access it. We work with big employers who offer viable alternatives to university - such as apprenticeships or school leaver schemes - to inform your students about the different options available to them.

We look forward to having you join!

Workshop Resources

Please work through the introductory slides below in advance to joining the online chat. The time that you join the online chat is the time that you have made your Eventbrite booking.

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Click below to download the introductory slides for this workshop.