christos orthodoxou


Chris is a driven and passionate founder. After spending time in industry, he discovered a real need for students to connect with employers and vice verse. He has immersed himself in recruitment industry, both directly and through associations and events, in order to learn how they work, future plans and the market in general. Chris has an extensive background in industry - with previous experience at National Grid, the BBC, Pepsi and more recently, Aston Business School, within the business partnerships. He has also published a book alongside his university. 

Tom Kilbey


Tom is a full time employee of Lloyds Banking Group. Having taken part in the delivery of an online workshop, he wanted to further his involvement with Class Careers and now volunteers with us as an Operations Assistant. 



As the founder of the UK's leading website for school and college leavers, NotGoingToUni, we're delighted to have Spencer on board the Class Careers team... even if it is for just one day a week!