Careers for the 21st century - finding your future  

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We will be re-running this in the new academic year so please keep an eye out.

Details below of what to expect from the workshop.   

Love it or hate it, our world is becoming more and more reliant on STEM. No matter what we do, from driving a car to the beauty products we use, even downloading the latest music - it all has something to do with Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths. We use these subjects every day, but most of us are not scientists or mathematicians. Whether it’s having the financial skills to run your own business, data analysis skills to drive sales of top fashion brands or digital skills to create the latest functionality for a social media platform, the right A Level choices can unlock a wide variety of career paths and are in high demand by employers both now and in the future.

Despite this, a growing number of students don’t seriously consider their A Level subject choices because they don’t understand the relevance to their future career. For example, we know that students who have studied Maths or Physics can earn around 33% more than their peers and with thousands of STEM vacancies going unfilled each year due to a lack of relevant skills - we think it’s high time to start talking about STEM subjects could take you...

And so we’ve teamed up with Your Life to help students make the link between their A Level choices and the jobs of the future. Your Life is a three-year campaign to ensure that the UK has the skills it needs to succeed in today’s competitive global economy. Your Life offers young people information and experiences to enable them to make more informed subject choices at A Level. The Your Life campaign is supported by the UK Government and a group of leading UK employers: BAE Systems, Carillion, Johnson & Johnson, AT Kearney, Nestlé, Shell and Rio Tinto.

During this workshop, your students will have the opportunity to discuss their subject choices with our team of ambassadors, talk career options with current apprentices or graduates from one of our sponsors and find out how what they are learning in the classroom applies to a real-life career.
This workshop is open to students in Years 9, 10 and 11 who are interested in learning more about careers using Maths or Science.

All our events are fully funded by the employer, so there is no cost to schools and colleges. 

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Careers for the 21st century Lesson Plan document 

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